Johnny Forbes benefits from Pricer in all three of his SPAR and TOPS stores

Johnny Forbes put Pricer electronic shelf labels (ESL) into all three of his SPARs and TOPS stores in the Western Cape.
But it wasn’t love at first sight. Johnny wavered for about two years from the time Pricer’s representatives first went to see him.
“Then I spoke to Johnny de Melim at Palm Sands SPAR, Lichtenberg in the North West and asked him what he thought of this pricing system,” says Forbes. “He said there are two things he’s glad he did: put in the Pricer system and the cash guard system at the tills. I had my answer.”

Education’s lessons point to business needs from cloud service providers

By Mark Harris, Marketing Director of XON
Education institutions are no different from traditional businesses when it comes to many of the challenges they face in today’s economy with the effects of digitisation and mobility.
Our wholly-owned business, Wingu, Africa’s first Ubuntu Certified Public Cloud computing platform, hosted an event for educators earlier in the month where they voiced common difficulties in today’s business environment.
Their top three difficulties:

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NEC, XON and Wingu host education-tailored cloud event sponsored by Intel

Systems integrator XON, with its major shareholder NEC, and Wingu, a wholly-owned subsidiary of XON, will host an event for tertiary educational institutions, sponsored by Intel, on March 8 2016, to promote the benefits of cloud-based services and technology, tailored for education institutions.

A far greater threat than mobile termination rates looms for mobile networks.

The furore around mobile termination rates as Cell C, Vodacom, MTN, Neotel and Telkom duke it out in the media, may well be grabbing headlines lately but really amounts to a minor, public lovers' spat compared with what looms.
The mobile networks are headed for a messy divorce that will undoubtedly leave shareholders in counselling over the fallout. At the heart of the impending doom is, once again, a revenue struggle. The consequences could well be terminal although the outcome is uncertain.

Africa’s take-off into the technological future (and how to prevent a crash-landing)

It’s funny to those of us who live in Africa, but our continent is still considered, and is in some cases, primitive. “Deepest, darkest Africa” is now being lit by 100Gb/s fibre connections and has an astounding pace of development.
There are many challenges and barriers to development in Africa. In 2012, countries such as South Africa, Namibia and Botswana had extremely high costs associated with mobile broadband, at over US$100 per GB in some instances. [1]

Software Disrupting Networking

The catch-word of the moment right now is SDN (and NFV). Everyone is climbing on the bandwagon and everyone has a “story”, a message, a strategy or a SDN-ready something.
The benefits of Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization are clear: Vastly reduced time to take new services to market, incremental revenues, low- or no-risk entry to market, differentiated service offerings adding value to customers and a fast-fail business approach. And all of these phrases are becoming clichéd faster than paint can dry on a hot, windy day.

NEC Africa and XON consolidate their Safety and Security offerings for the Africa market

Bertus Marais, GM Public Safety & Security at XON

NEC Africa and XON consolidate their Safety and Security offerings for the Africa market
The XON public safety and security division, headed by Bertus Marais, now offers an extensive array of solutions from NEC’s portfolio specifically suited to the African market.
As Platinum sponsors of the ITWeb Security Summit 2016 taking place on May 17 and May 18 at Vodaworld, Midrand, the companies will display their view of global and African safety and security trends and solutions.

Neotel selects ADVA Optical Networking and Juniper Networks for integrated packet optical solution

Neotel and ADVA Optical Networking today jointly announce that Neotel has deployed the ADVA FSP 3000 and Juniper PTX3000 to create a flexible, dynamic and integrated packet Optical Network Architecture. One of South Africa's leading service providers, Neotel is using the Multi-Layer Network to respond to enormous bandwidth growth in fixed and mobile data consumption and increasing migration to Cloud Services.

Mark Harris will lead XON’s marketing charge to deliver smart cities message

Mark Harris - Marketing Director

Mark Harris has been promoted from national sales manager to marketing director of XON as the company bolsters its marketing strength following NEC Europe’s investment in it.

The two companies created an integrated market approach through the NEC Africa office in August this year.

Alternative Energy

We can supply energy solutions to many different sectors of industry, organisations and governments. We are working with existing business partners as well as new clients.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services enable you to: Move from a capital expenditure to an operational expenditure model for your core information technology infrastructure.

Information Management

XON consults, assesses, designs, implements, manages and supports the entire Data ecosystem that includes information platform solutions

Information Security

XON is a leader in the information security space, we have unique methodologies and proprietary tools to assist in identifying potential enterprise risk


The first service comprises of certified tiered Data Centre solutions that closely co-ordinate facilities, information technology and structures cabling designs for complete


XON Networking is a systems integrator that specialises in solutions for Service Providers, Mobile Operators, ISPs and large enterprises.

Outsourcing & Professional Services

We provide customised managed services, total outsource, maintenance and support solutions in the desktop, LAN and WAN infrastructure.


Electronic shelf labelling gives customers more confidence in the accuracy of pricing; and store owners can operate their stores more efficiently.

Safety & Security

XON Public Safety is a division focused on ‘Safer Cities’ and is strongly aligned with NEC’s vision for Smart Cities, where people are able to live